5 Things Your Realtor Wants You to Know About Staging

1.  First Impressions Start Outside



Often times, the buyer will ride by a home and preview it before making an appointment to come inside.  You never want to lose a buyer because they couldn't see past your knee-high grass or junk car.  Make them WANT to get inside the house to see what else it has to offer. 

Show a little style from the curb.  Nice planters with low-maintenance plants, light landscaping, and a pop of color on the front door can go a long way.  Clean and freshen up your front porch and mailbox area.  Even if your house is not visible from the road, find a way to make a good impression.  You need something with a WOW factor!

2.  De-Personalize

Your style echoes your personality.  Woodsy, funky, modern, traditional, retro...it is what makes your house YOUR home.  For you.  When you put your home on the market you need to set aside personal taste and aim for a main-stream look.  Think HGTV.  Taking down your family photos is also a good idea if you have more than just a few in any given room.  Many homes become shrines to children, grandchildren and the like, but buyers get easily distracted by all of those pretty faces.  Keep their eyes focused on the positive features of your home. 

3. Clean is Key



Clean is not subjective.  Clean is a look, a smell, and a feeling.  You want your house to sparkle.  Buyers like to see and smell an exceptionally clean house.  Yes, it is impossible to keep your home spotlessly clean 24/7, but  it might be what gives your house the edge over the competition.  I created a "Before Each Showing" checklist that I provide my clients to ensure that every detail is attended to.

4. Less is More

Stuff.  Junk.  Collections.  Treasures.  We all have them.  We love our stuff!  Our stuff is awesome!  But we also want to get top dollar on our real estate investments.  Your buyer doesn't want to see that stuff.  In real estate, less is more for several reasons:

  1. Pairing down furniture and clutter will make your house feel larger and more clean.  Buyers like open, less full spaces.  Keep pathways wide and clear.
  2. You think you don't have much junk?  Trust me, you do.  We all do.  It's just a part of life.  Let it go, pack it up, store it, sell it...whatever you need to do to get it out of your house.  When you're finished, start over and do it again.  You'd be surprised at how much "stuff" you really have.
  3. Clean out your cabinets, closets, and shelving.  You create an illusion of more storage if you don't have it all packed to the gills.

5.  Hire a Professional

There is a reason that you go to a salon for a haircut, a photographer for portraits, or to a tailor for the perfect fit.  They have a personal touch and experience in their service area.  They create.  It's not that you CAN'T do those things, but it's nice to have a fresh perspective from a professional.  You can absolutely stage your home on your own.  I've done it!  However, it will be well worth your time and money if you hire a home staging company to consult with you.  Having a buyer-ready home will ensure that you net top dollar and have a speedy sales process.  These suggestions are a great place to start, but there is more to consider.  Having a home staging company evaluate your home will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your property.  At Front Porch, I offer in-home and online consultations followed by a customized plan tailored to your home and needs.  Please contact me via e-mail at donnalpeters@gmail.com for more information or to get your home on track for a fast sale at the top of your market.



Donna Peters

Front Porch Design Studio, Monroe, GA 30656, USA