Building Our Home: Framing the Farmhouse

Framing has been (we're now on week 14) the most exciting part of the building process thus far. I simply love making little adjustments with wasted spaces or changing placement of a wall or window.  I feel like an engineer or something.  Exciting times!  Or maybe I need a girls' night out.

Week 6


We started framing during the later half of week 6, day 45 to be exact.  It fell during mid-March so we were still battling the crazy Georgia weather.  The basement was framed in one day, then the next day the crew started installing the AdvanTech silent floor system.  


Week 7

The framing started coming up out of the basement on week 7.   Everything up to this point had been sailing along smoothly.  Boom!  The framer calls and says "This roof system won't work...Well at least not without a steel beam."  Yikes!  Insert many frantic phone calls amongst my husband, myself, the framer, the home's designer, and the lumber supplier.  Our potential solutions were to  flatten out the ceiling in our great room or to have a steel beam set by a crane ($!) and wait four weeks for production.   We can't say enough nice things about our framer, Brent Kitchens, and he came up with a great solution that didn't cost me my triple upper window, vaulted ceiling, and foyer OR an arm, a leg, and a crane operator.  He made a slight change to the ceiling in the great room and it flattened out at 18 feet instead of following the roof line up like a true vault.  He's my hero.  Seriously.

Week 8


Easter week was an exciting one at our little farmhouse!  During week eight, the second floor of the house and the roofline started coming together.  

The eighth week was full of surprises and changes in the upper level of the house.  We added two walk-in closets for the kids' rooms and an office (with the triple window! yay!) to the floorplan by using wasted attic space.  The added closet freed up a ton of room and doubled the size of the upstairs bathroom.  I've been working on the office design ever since I found out about it and it is quite possibly one of the most exciting elements of the new house, for me anyway.  I've outgrown just having a desk and desperately need storage space for samples and catalogs.  The second level went up and the roof was decked.  Felt went on the roof on the last day of week 8.


Donna Peters

Front Porch Design Studio, Monroe, GA 30656, USA