Building Our Home: The Slow Down

Week 14:  Fire & Water

Week 14 wrapped up the two week process of building a masonry fireplace.  What a relief to see it finally completed!  Now the waiting began on getting the subs back out to finish the siding and roofing on the chimney side of the house.

We also installed our well during that week.  Robinson Well Company put in a well behind our house in just a couple of days.  We decided to go with a well because the difference between drilling a well and setting and meter/tapping on to the county's water system was only a few thousand dollars.  The well water would, besides the electricity needed to run the pump, be generated for free each month, while the cost of public water will most likely continue to climb.  We had a really bad experience with the county water department and a $3,000 water bill a few years back and felt that it would be beneficial to try to stay far away from them if possible.

Masonry Fireplace

Week 15:  Finished Roofing

Harbor Bay Pine Hall Brick Fireplace

It took another week for the roofing crew to arrive back at the house and finish the last few panels on the chimney side.  Finishing it up only took them a few hours and it was such a relief to have it completed.

Brick work continued inside the house on the fireplace and on the retaining walls built up around our garage entrance.  We also decided to brick the front and back steps over Memorial Day weekend.  Unfortunately, the brick supplier didn't have a delivery truck available, so we had to pick up and unload 1,000 bricks and quite a few concrete blocks by hand.   

We also met with our cabinet company that week and started plans on the master bath and kitchen cabinetry.

Week 16:  Siding Complete

We finished up the siding on the chimney side of the house during week 16.  The bead board under the porch ceilings on that end was also installed.

The view from my Mama's barn.

The view from my Mama's barn.

Week 17 & 18:  Sheetrock

Foyer looking toward kitchen with fresh sheetrock

Toward the end of week 17, sheetrock installation began.  I couldn't believe how much the sheetrock changed the look of the interior.  I started to realize that the house was going to need a LOT more trim work than I had originally planned, especially in the living and kitchen areas.  

There wasn't a whole lot that I needed to be doing at the house these two weeks, so I spent a lot of time ordering and shopping for fixtures, lights, and sinks.  It was also an extremely busy time for the staging and design business, so the timing worked perfectly.

I blogged about chasing down a farm sink here and I hope to write a post in the near future about all of the amazing light fixtures I've been finding.  You aren't going to believe where this one came from.   I'm starting to feel like a lawyer when I'm pitching these amazing finds that I come across to my husband.  I'm preparing my case long before I tell him about the treasure that I've come across.  I try to estimate the value, figure out how much work will have to be done, etc. and most of the time he doesn't get too upset with me.  I was actually pleasantly surprised when he didn't get upset that I'd found a light fixture from the junk yard.   Isn't this going to be gorgeous in my foyer?  Right in front of the triple window.  I. can't. wait!

Foyer Light
Finalizing Cabinet Plans

I also met with Jody at Jackson's Custom Woodworks to finalize the plans on my cabinetry.  We are going with a simple shaker style cabinet that will be painted.  I'm still bouncing back and forth on the cabinet color between Sherwin Williams' Duck White and a Benjamin Moore's Racoon Hollow.  

The exciting part of this stage in the building process is that we're just on the edge of seeing all of our designs come together.  The anticipation of seeing those new cabinets installed with my appliances is killing me!  My extended stay in the home that my great great grandparents built has me longing for a dishwasher and our oversized modern refrigerators.  I'm also way too excited about living in a home with more than one restroom.  Having four people use one bathroom (with one toilet, one sink, and one cabinet) has not been the most convenient of situations, but I know that I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to live here for a short while.  It is a time in our family's life that I certainly won't ever forget!

This photo is from the end of week 19, with our exterior ready for primer.   The brick steps and retaining wall are complete.  I've also finally gotten this blog up to date, so we are currently awaiting interior trim and exterior paint, and Allen & I have been working on installing the composite decking on the back porch.  There is definitely a blog post coming soon on that!  

Farmhouse with brick steps and columns

Donna Peters

Front Porch Design Studio, Monroe, GA 30656, USA