On the Hunt for a Farmhouse Sink

Have you ever strolled leisurely through IKEA with a toddler?  No?  Really?  Eh, me either.  We race through at a dangerous speed and try not to run over any unsuspecting hipster singles and pregnant mothers.  It's a real treat, I can assure you.  Today my baby and I braved IKEA Atlanta in search of the elusive Domjso Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink.

IKEA's Domjso Farmhouse Sink

IKEA's Domjso Farmhouse Double Basin Sink

This double basin sink is what my thrifty dreams are made of.  It looks great, has a warranty, is half the price of anything comparable, and can be picked up at your local IKEA.  Or can it?  After checking its availability this morning, loading up a tired two year old, and making the hour drive into the big city I discovered that this mythical creature (eh, sink) isn't so easy to track down.

As we made our way through the maze that is IKEA, stopping at every potty break opportunity and resisting the urge to impulse buy bulk-price  lucky bamboo, we passed multiple displays teasing me with the shiny white sink gorgeousness.  I couldn't wait to get back downstairs and load one on to my extremely awkward cart that doubled as a workout.  

Beau does IKEA Atlanta

After we made it downstairs, I failed miserably in the self-help section, rejecting the reality of the "out-of-stock" banner that I found and waited in line for a while to get some help.  Waiting in lines is a also a fun toddler activity.  Good thing this kid is cute and bribery works (note: car on his head).  

It turns out that there weren't any in stock since they only get a few in each week on the Monday morning truck.  Those two had sold out in the previous two hours.  He noted that there would be two or three coming next Monday and that I could try again (HAAA!) and I left with only a few random purchases like these awesome mirrors for my master bath.  

Farm girl goes to the city to find farm sink, heads back to the country empty handed.  Sounds like a sad story line for a romance trilogy.  Until I remembered how close I was to Floor & Decor!  Then my trip wasn't a total bust.  I picked up something similar to this pebble tile for the floor in my master shower.  Yay for progress!


amazon to the rescue

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

After I arrived at home, I scoured the Internet for an apron front or farmhouse style sink in white, but as I had suspected they were way out of my budget.  I looked at several options and chose a 36" stainless steel apron front sink that should be a perfect match with my appliances and fixtures.  I'm now thinking that it will be much easier to clean than a white sink since I've had acrylic and enameled cast iron and both were maintenance nightmares for someone who cooks often.  I just discovered Amazon Prime since I've been trying to NOT shop for years and it is genius!  Free 2 day shipping on tons of items, which is perfect for the DIY home builder, since there are often items that you need quickly, but don't want to settle for what your local hardware store has on the shelf.  I can't wait to see this sink in person! 


Donna Peters

Front Porch Design Studio, Monroe, GA 30656, USA