A White Farmhouse

Week 24:  Exterior Paint and More Trim

White Farmhouse with Tin Roof

Week 24 started out with the completion of the first coat of exterior paint.  We used Sherwin Williams Duration in Shoji White.   See last week's post for more color palette information.  Not a lot of excitement, but we also finished a few more carpentry items. 

Several people have asked why we chose white with a tin roof.  Here's why:  energy efficiency.  We plan to live in this home forever.  We made several decisions based on the long-term environmental and economical impact on our property and our wallets. The exterior paint color of your home can effect your cooling costs and choosing a reflective material and lighter colors are much like wearing a white t-shirt.  You absorb less heat.

Finish Grading at the Farmhouse

Tractor Time

Seeding and Covering the Yard

For our weekend fun, we took on an extra child (my BFF's precious boy) and rented a loader from Atha Rental in Monroe to start smoothing out the graded area around the house.  After about a day and a half of moving dirt around, we had what slightly resembled a front and back yard.  We spent the last few hours of daylight on Sunday evening seeding the lawn and spreading hay for erosion control.  Everybody pitched in, even the kids.  

With the final grading complete, the house is really starting to look like a home!  Some days it seems that moving is so near, but other times it feels like there might be months and months of more waiting.  I'm starting to actually answer people when they ask "When are you moving in?" with "Hopefully, September".  I really felt like it would be impossible for us home building rookies to pull off having this entire house ready in only 7 months, but we will soon find out!  

Our Monday evening view from the pool was my brother's puppy, Belle teasing my aunt's horse, Rhett.  

Our Monday evening view from the pool was my brother's puppy, Belle teasing my aunt's horse, Rhett.  

We ended the week by going for  a swim and taking a little break from the dust and heat. 

Week 25:  Paint and Floor

The reality of moving is starting to set in.   We have very little furniture.  No dining table, no chairs, no dresser.  Only a sofa that we don't plan to keep and our beds.  We have a LOT of stuff to buy for the move, but living in this turn-of-the-century farmhouse has prevented us from buying anything ahead because we don't have the room to store it.  We also need a washer and dryer, microwave, and an iron.  I've been itching to make these purchases and my old iron finally kicked the bucket.  I already had my sights set on this one and since an iron isn't too much trouble to store and move, I purchased my first appliance for my new laundry room.  Something about that felt like a success!  

light fixture prep

We spent several hours choosing and ordering more light fixtures for the farmhouse.  I caught some really great looking ceiling fans on sale at Ballard Designs and ordered two for the living room.  I also have a small list of fixtures that need to be made or updated and the electrician should be back soon, so I started scrambling to finish these.

More flooring, paint, and Trim

Silver Peony and Pine Floors
Partially painted foyer

The painters, K & W Home Services, started painting the inside of the house and it makes a huge difference having the ceilings and walls all one color (without the patchy drywall polkadots).  The kids each chose a color for their rooms and the rest of the interior is painted Shoji White.  Aubrey's room is a light purple, Silver Peony, and Beau's room is Dockside Blue.  Both are colors from the Pottery Barn Kids Collection at Sherwin Williams.  




Over the weekend we started laying the pine flooring in the master bathroom, the pantry, hallway, and the edge of the kitchen.  We also finished up the entire upstairs, the guest bath, and the master closet.  Our cabinets are ready to install, so we needed to get the flooring ready to place the cabinets.  Unfortunately, we don't want to put down the flooring in the kitchen, foyer, and great room area because the painters aren't finished and the scaffolding has to be rolled on the floor for them to finish. 

We also finished the shiplap shower in the master bathroom and Bobby, our trim guy (and my cousin's husband), framed in a small wall for the water closet.  We're prepping that wall to hold barn door hardware and an antique door that I purchased from my sweet friend at Barbed Wire & Lace Boutique in Social Circle.

Hopefully in the next few weeks the painting will be complete and we will see cabinets and electricity!  Meanwhile we will work on a never-ending list of things to find and purchase and small carpentry items.  

Shiplap Shower and water closet
Building Our Farmhouse Weeks 24 25

Donna Peters

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