How To Make Your Room Seem Larger with Drapes

Ahhh, The Breakfast Room

Well, typically it isn't a full on ROOM, but an area.  And as the most used dining space in our homes, they usually seem small.  You'll have large furniture (because it's where we eat, y'all!), chairs, and need storage.  So how do we make this area feel more spacious and keep it from feeling too dim?  Bring the eyes up!  Always, always, always bring the eyes UP!

How High Are Your Curtains Hung?

I would say that 90% of the homes that I visit for a consult have their curtains hung just above (sometimes even ON) their window trim.  In very few homes, this works, but in the majority of cases it makes your ceiling height seem much lower.  If you bring the curtain rods up, extending the length of the drapes to the floor, you will visually elongate the window and the wall.  On the same note, hanging the curtains slightly wider than the window will visually increase the window width.

Here is a great graphic from The Long and Short of It that shows the impact of hanging curtains higher and wider than the window trim:

The Long and Short of It's Visual for Hanging Curtains

Real Life Example

I started the update of this house last Fall and we've been working on editing, placement and freshening up the entire home.  In the breakfast area, we took down the valance that had been mounted just over the window trim, painted the heirloom furniture in a cheerful red, and added some texture with a jute rug, a natural table runner and these beautiful custom drapes made from a bold buffalo check in Lipstick Red from Fabrics & Furnishings in Conyers, GA.  

Here are two before photos:

Before Breakfast Area Photo
Breakfast Area BEFORE

And here are the Afters:

Red Buffalo Check Curtains in Breakfast Area
Red Buffalo Check Drapes in Breakfast Area

On to the next project!

If you ever have questions about drapes, please call us.  We're happy to help you locate ready-to-hang panels, buy fabric, recommend a seamstress, choose the height, and even install them.  

Donna Peters

Front Porch Design Studio, Monroe, GA 30656, USA