Lights, Paint, and... Weeks 26 & 27 of the Farmhouse Build

Week 26: Loose Ends

My husband drives a heavy-duty wrecker, and while the job is almost always busy, having a truck in the shop or broken down can shut down his job for a few days.  During week 26, he was unexpectedly off work for three days due to a problem with his truck, and we were able to finish a few projects at the house.  We spent one full day laying flooring in the office, and in all of the smaller areas downstairs.  We also worked to gather light fixtures and the gel stain for the stainable fiberglass double front doors.  We tried several different stains, but ended up with Minwax Walnut Gel Stain.  

Double Garden Sink

We also took a little field trip to Social Circle's Ace Hardware, where we've purchased most of our building materials, to stock up on a few things that we would need for our weekend projects.  While we were there, I came across this gorgeous outdoor sink or planter in their gifts section and had to have it.  I'm hoping that it will become our laundry sink and with a little prep work, it should work just fine.  How cute is this piece?

Bobby, the trim carpenter, came back over the weekend and installed the handrails and balusters on the front porch.  He also started the balusters on the interior stairs.  

White Farmhouse Tin Roof

Week 27:  Lighting and More Paint

Y'all, if I have to make one more trip to Sherwin Williams I might croak.  We have used SO.MUCH.PAINT on this house.  Easily double our initial paint materials estimate.  The colors turned out exactly as I had imagined them, so for that I am happy!  But for the huge paint bill I've recently paid, not so much.  Our painters, however, have worked in scorching heat with little to no shade on the exterior, even walking on the hot tin roof to paint the upper gables.  K&W Home Services has worked hard to finish the paint job to our satisfaction and they also were quite willing to fulfill my unusual paint requests for tone on tone with varying paint sheens.

Unpainted Garage Doors

Our garage doors arrived and were installed this week and we love them!   I will be painting them in the coming week.  Side note:  This will be the first time I've ever lived in a house where I could park MY car in the garage.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I'm especially thrilled that I won't have to schlep the kids and groceries out in the rain anymore.

Over the weekend, we finished laying the pine floors and spent several hours cleaning up the mess from the previous week.  This is another time consuming part of building a house that I really underestimated.  You could spend two full days each week just cleaning up inside and out.  There are SO many messes.  So far, we've dumped three 30 yard dumpster containers and we should have one more dumpster full before we are finished.  That is a TON of trash, all of which had to be picked up and loaded into the dumpster by hand.  

During week 27, we also started the electrical trim out.  Our electricians installed our can lights, exterior lanterns, and our ceiling fans.  They also put in all of the electrical outlets, covers, switches, and switch plates.  My salvaged light fixture has become a wild goose chase of sorts.  On the last day of week 27 I was trekking to Lamp Arts, by far one of the coolest lighting stores I've ever been in, to purchase a canopy and heavy duty chain for the iron light fixture.  If you're ever needing something unique and grand (pricey, too!), check this place out!  

The beautiful galvanized ceiling fans from Ballard Designs also sent me running around looking for a galvanized down rod.  I had resigned myself to painting a white one from Home Depot when I got an idea to just use galvanized electrical conduit.  I had Home Depot cut it to the appropriate length and it was just right!

Antique Mantle in Turquoise and Galvanized Ceiling fans

Looking forward

Several exciting things should be happening in the coming weeks.  We are expecting our cabinets to be installed during week 28 as well as starting a few new projects outside.  We will need to spend the next few weekends getting the following done:  run electricity from our house to the well, build some sort of well house, stain the front door on the exterior, install countertops, and work on the closet shelving.  Our plumbing fixtures should arrive soon, too!  

Thanks for following along on our house building journey.  We have learned so much and hope that others can benefit from our documenting it.  I'm going out on a limb and saying that I hope we can move some time in September!  

Donna Peters

Front Porch Design Studio, Monroe, GA 30656, USA